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Creating a EY Classroom with the Curiosity Approach
Join us as we explore classroom layout applying the Curiosity Approach to learning.

This web workshop will consider the child’s rights in classroom design, inspired by noted EC educator and author Sandra Duncan. We’ll look at how we can implement these rights into classroom layouts that respect the need for play and exploration, active learning and creating opportunities for thinking critically.

Join Julie as she shares how you, too, can create a classroom that is child-centred, accessible and that ignites a child’s natural curiosity to explore.

“All children need to know that they are accepted for who they are and that they can make a difference. Feeling that they belong contributes to their wellbeing and gives them the confidence to try new experiences.”
Te Whariki


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Julie Belair-Bak
@ONIP International
Julie has 22 years of experience working in Early Years Education, with a Master’s degree in education MPEd from Western University in Early Childhood Education. As a trainer in the field, Julie had spoken at conferences throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada on a broad cross-section of early years topics. In addition, she and her husband have created a line of outdoor furniture that supports and inspires emergent curricula and drives curiosity for educators and children. Driven by the love of learning, Julie continues her work and is currently focusing on The Curiosity Approach, rooted in the great pioneers in Early Childhood Education, Rudolf Steiner (Austria), Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia - Italy), & Te Whāriki (New Zealand) Marie Montessori ( Italy ). An approach that ignites a child’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them where children are thinkers and explorers on their learning journey.