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Wildfire Season 2023- How Well Do You Know Your Risk?
In the aftermath of another record-breaking year for U.S. wildfire events and damage, there’s a tremendous need for precise information on wildfire risk within well-defined geographic areas. Historically, the industry has struggled to accurately assess risk in wildfire-prone areas due to a lack of high-resolution data and earth sciences knowledge

This webinar will focus on how risk managers, brokers, and insurers can easily leverage statistically validated, scientifically informed, and high-resolution wildfire potential data to confidently assess wildfire risk exposure at the property level.

We will address the following questions (among others):
1. What should risk professionals look for in a wildfire hazard model to make confident decisions?
2. How can ecosystem data science and high-performance geospatial computing deliver a better wildfire hazard model?
3. How does a model validated on historical wildfires serve to predict future risk exposure?
4. How does this model compare to publicly available datasets ?


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Kat Kraft
Director of Product @Teren
Dedicated to solving big problems at the intersection of technology, economy, and environment, Katherine specializes in geospatial solutions that build long-term financial value and resilience. She brings 15 years of experience leveraging geospatial technologies to solve complex business, environmental, and public policy challenges. Katherine holds an M.S. in Natural Resources Policy and Economics and a B.S. in Natural Resources from Colorado State University.
John Norman
Director of Strategic Research & Development @Teren
John leverages 25 years of experience as a geomorphologist, soil scientist and spatial ecologist to deliver statistical and mechanistic spatial models to land, energy and government clients. His work inventories, measures and predicts the impacts of climate and natural forces on values at risk. He holds an M.S. in Pedology/Pedometrics from Colorado State University, where he also obtained a B.S. in Ecology.
Deepak Badoni (Host)
Co-Founder & President @EigenRisk Inc.
Deepak’s a builder. Highly analytical, yet passionately creative, he enjoys proactively challenging conventional thinking to create highly functional and elegant technology solutions to complex business problems. He has more than 23 years of experience in the field. He has led several new product development initiatives in positions including Managing Director of Risk Products at CS STARS (Marsh), Vice President of Platform Solutions at Risk Management Solutions, and Senior Vice President at Aon Benfield Analytics. Deepak holds a Ph. D. and M.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi.