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Preparing For A Life Beyond Earth
Going into space seems closer than ever these days. More civilian astronauts are gaining access to space each year and building settlements on the Moon or Mars doesn’t seem to be science-fiction anymore. Are we ready to live beyond Earth though? There are a number of scientific, technological, political and psychological challenges we need to overcome first, amongst others. For those reasons, we need to prepare for these long duration space missions by testing everything and everyone using simulated space missions on Earth. Astrobiologist Dr. Michaela Musilova has led over 30 simulated space missions to the Moon and Mars as a Commander. She will share her experiences and insights into the human side of space exploration to highlight the important lessons she has learned, as well as what we as humanity still need to prepare for.

"This webinar will explore the challenges that still lie ahead of humanity before we can attempt long duration space missions. In particular, it will underline how the human side of space exploration can be both its greatest weakness, but also the strongest link in the chain if the mission astronauts are chosen and managed wisely. One place on Earth where these challenges can be studied and addressed is the Hawaii - Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS).

The webinar will be presented by astrobiologist, professor, worldwide science communicator and Director of HI-SEAS, Dr. Michaela Musilova. To date, Dr. Musilova has potentially led the most simulated missions to the Moon and Mars as a Commander (over 30). She will walk us through what these missions entail and how we can learn from them to better prepare for real missions to the Moon and Mars.

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Jan 29, 2022 11:00 AM in India

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