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The LinkingVentures BreakOut Room
The purpose of the BreakOut Room is to foster an environment of ideation that looks beyond our own limited lenses.
Innately, we are all followers neatly navigating paths that have been set before us with a lens specific to past experiences, culture, and tradition. A simple question, or a well-received perspective, maybe all it takes to open our eyes and disrupt a pattern of understanding. This disruption creates ripples and results in the formation of new lenses and new paths to follow. I like to refer to these lenses or disruptions as “Aha!” moments. These “Aha!” moments or revelations have the power to wake us up to a new, actionable perception to inspire a movement. With LinkingVentures we are changing how startups start by opening founders' lenses to include diverse perspectives in design and governance.

Founders and investors of all types are welcome to join.
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