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Indoor Ag Conversations Presents: greenshaus inc.: Imagining Energy-Efficient, Local Food Production in Ontario
In this webinar we will be presenting a successful commercial greenhouse operation in Ottawa, Ontario that grows leafy greens for the community using less fossil fuels and electricity than a traditional greenhouse or indoor farm.

Using geothermal energy with a smart lighting system and strategy, greenshaus inc. is achieving year-round food production while retaining low operating costs and a small carbon footprint.

We’ll discuss the design of the facility, the smart lighting equipment and layout, the research that is being conducted in the greenhouse and what this all means for the future of local food production in both Ontario and internationally.

Rob Lyle, Founder | Managing Director, greenshaus Inc

Dr. William David Lubitz, P.Eng. , Associate Professor in the School of Engineering, University of Guelph

Hervé Maumus-Hue, Engineer, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Craig Adams, Founder, California LightWorks

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Rob Lyle
Founder and Managing Owner @greenhaus inc
Rob Lyle is the founder and managing owner of greenshaus inc. The company was founded in 2018 for the purpose of promoting innovative sustainable agricultural practices through the use of new greenhouse design and technologies. Our company is dedicated to local growing with technically innovative, low carbon foot print, passive solar commercial greenhouses. Our greenhouses are designed and supplied by Ceres Greenhouse Solutions. The world leader in passive solar greenhouse design and technology.
Craig Adams
Founder @California Lightworks
For over 35 years, Craig Adams has been a high-level executive in Sales, Marketing and Product Development for consumer electronics and lighting. During the past 15 years Craig has been a pioneer in LED lighting for Horticulture. Since founding California Lightworks in 2008, Craig has been on the cutting edge working with growers worldwide to increase yields and reduce costs. By developing new LED technologies and vigorously testing them in real world situation, California Lightworks has been a major innovator in LED lighting for indoor, multi-level and especially Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting. Craig has extensive experience with a wide range of horticultural technologies and has run his own nursery operations.
Hervé Maumus-Hue
Engineer @Ceres Greenhouse Solutions
Hervé has a Master Degree in materials for energy, nanosciences and fundamental physics. Graduated from Grenoble, France, he started to work for Ceres Greenhouse Solutions where he learned about the greenhouse industry. He now works as an engineer with the main goal of finding the balance between optimal environment and energy expenditure for growing plants
Dr. William David Lubitz, P.Eng.
Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at @University of Guelph
Dr. William David Lubitz, P.Eng. is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph. Dr. Lubitz teaches courses in mechanical and environmental engineering. Dr. Lubitz' research broadly seeks to understand and improve the efficiency and environmental sustainability of energy systems. Current focus areas include modeling and optimizing energy use in grain drying systems and a range of greenhouse types. Dr. Lubitz is also conducting complimentary greenhouse research on light emissions and interior air movement, and is studying renewable energy technologies including wind, solar and hydroelectric power generation using Archimedes screws.