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Development of the human fetal intestinal immune system. Memory and more.
We are delighted to have Frits Koning, Professor at the Leiden University Medical Center, as our guest in our next Scientist in the Spotlight.

The fetus is thought to be protected from exposure to foreign antigens, yet most T cells residing in the fetal intestine are CD45RO+.  Nonetheless, previous work by Frits's lab provided evidence for a differentiation trajectory associated with cellular activation and the acquisition of proinflammatory effector functions, and the presence of clonal T cell expansions within the CD4 T cell compartment. Collectively, these results provided evidence for the generation of memory-like CD4+ T cells in the human fetal intestine, consistent with in utero exposure to foreign antigens. 

In this webinar, learn how a combination of a high-plex 34-antibody imaging panel, combined with high-dimensional flow cytometry was used to study the development of the immune system in fetal intestinal samples, and how these results point to early formation of highly organized lymphoid structures in the developing fetal intestine.


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