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Progress to decarbonisation of rolling stock: What are the different options for decarbonising existing fleets, or the alternative types of rolling stock that need to be procured?
With the target to remove diesel only trains by 2040, what is the progress and what more needed to be done?

This free one-hour webinar will explore the options for decarbonisation of existing fleeting and the viability of alternatives to diesel.

Understand where fleets have been successfully decarbonised and the next steps for rolling stock.
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Julian Fletcher
Technical Manager, Business Development @VivaRail
Julian Fletcher is a Technical Manager at Vivarail, designer and manufacturer of the UK’s only battery and hybrid battery trains able to provide unlimited, emission-free travel off the rails. A pioneering engineer who spent over twenty years working within the aerospace industry, Julian made the decision to join Vivarail in 2020 with a passion to make a genuine difference to both the rail sector and the environment. Now at the engineering heart of the UK’s battery train industry, Julian is working on the final stages of demonstrating fast charging technology at Vivarail, which will enable battery trains to have practically limitless range. In addition to passenger trains, Julian has also worked on locomotive and track maintenance vehicle conversions to help drive industry decarbonisation.
Rob Clayton
Director @IPEX Consulting
Rob has 18 years’ experience in the railways of the UK and Japan, developing a career specialising in rolling stock fleet management, manufacture and railway systems. Rob previously managed all operations at a large train depot serving Northern Rail, TPE, East Coast and Grand Central. He also successfully delivered a major project in setting up and mobilising to full production rate capacity the testing and commissioning capability at Hitachi Rail’s new UK train manufacturing facility in County Durham.
Mark Gaynor
Director of Operator Services @Rail Partners
Mark is the Director of Operator Services at Rail Partners, the new trade body for train operators. Mark’s team provides engineering and operational services to passenger train operators to help them deliver safer, more efficient and more reliable services to customers. Mark also leads on sustainability within Rail Partners and was a member of the Rail Industry Decarbonisation Taskforce which developed a vision for how the railway can fully decarbonise. Prior to joining Rail Partners, Mark was the head of railway strategy at the Rail Delivery Group and, before that, worked in a variety of roles at the Department for Transport.