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Aha with Amplify - A New Model Of Strategy
We are addressing strategy with Ventrek and Peter Zyla.

We want our Aha members to see a new model of strategy with Peter.

Our clients are thriving under it.

Amplify ditched our strategy sessions in our Finance Leader proposals. We used to offer a complimentary day with us facilitating.

We’ve moved on in support of partnering with Ventrek.

Why did we pick Peter when there’s so many excellent choices in our local market?

Ventrek has a model that anchors on EOS or Traction but pulls in other methodology that we respect. It is its own unique approach.

Ventrek has built a software to leverage in support of their model. The software keeps you organized and disciplined. (Peter will demo it during the session.)

Finally, Peter’s approach to facilitating works.
It’s disciplined, tactical and pragmatic.

And when you work with visionaries and the “smartest guys in the room”, you need a powerful force like him keeping you on track.

Join us as we share the perspectives and approach of Ventrek with you.

The session is designed for Business Leaders and CPAs.

All size entities will benefit from this new refresher on strategy.
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