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Has COVID-19 Uncorked a New World for Wines?

Wines from Italy are by far the largest category of imported wines in the US. Italy has benefited from the hot market for sparkling wines in general, and Prosecco in particular, in addition to gaining an unexpected advantage over its European neighbors due to the peculiarities of the U.S. tariffs on select European wines imposed at the beginning of this year.

Despite the fact that US states have across the board closed bars and restaurants due to COVID-19, Americans are still buying wines & spirits, although via different channels including online, delivery and pick up, AND they are enjoying their libations in new ways, such as virtual happy hours and tastings.

The webinar will explore this phenomenon and how the coronavirus is (and perhaps will continue through the reopening process), affecting wine exports from Italy to USA. What opportunities do the winemakers, for high-end, well-known wines as well as small producers, foresee in the USA market? What sales forecast is seen for Italian and American wines post COVID-19? What disruptive challenges are foreseen with importers and distributors to the wine supply lines from the vineyards of Italy to restaurant tables and retail establishments in the US? How will wine and liquor sales reps work with restaurants and retail owners during the reopening process?

> Lamberto Frescobaldi, President of the Frescobaldi Group
> Peter Mondavi, Co-Proprietor of Charles Krug Wineryin Napa Valley in California
> Nunzio Castaldo, President at Panebianco Wines Import
> Camilla Rossi Chauvenet, Owner Massimago Winery

> William F. Dahill, Partner, Dunnington Bartholow, Miller, LLP, Federal, State and City Financial Support

Gino Colangelo, President Co-Founder, Colangelo & Partners Public Relations

Gianfranco Sorrentino, President of GRUPPO ITALIANO, Co-Owner of the IL GATTOPARDO Group


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