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Parents and children with disabilities and family homelessness
This is the third, and final conversation in a series of three looking at factors that contribute to families becoming homelessness and talk about services that can help with those problems. To make the conversation less wonky we are going to focus on how these issues and services impacts two hypothetical families:
1) A family headed by a 25 year old single mother who separated from her husband when he was arrested for domestic violence. Her two children are aged three and five. She has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and depression. She also has a back condition that makes her unable to lift more than thirty pounds. Her family became homeless after she lost her job because her employer felt she was taking too many days off from work to take care of sick children.
2) A family headed by a 23 year old single father with one two year old child. He became homeless for the first time when he was twelve, with his mother. He entered the foster care system when he was sixteen but unfortunately left foster care without completing a high school diploma. He learned he was a parent when he was 21 years old and managed to make monthly child care payments of $300 while living in an apartment he shared with two co-workers from his job in retail. His daughter was placed in his custody after her mother was incarcerated. They became homeless shortly thereafter.

Our hope is that these webinars will help people who are already concerned about family homelessness a better understanding of the challenges these families face and some of the services available to help them move out of homelessness and avoid returns to homelessness.

Jul 6, 2022 01:00 PM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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