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The European Single Market for Business and Consumers
The Single Market is the key asset of the EU and it is very crucial to keep it safe and healthy, even more in this unusual time and in what will be its aftermath. It is the precious engine of the EU’s competitiveness on the global arena and the building block of consumer trust in products.

Which is the way forward for the EU to maintain its competitiveness?
Which are the challenges that the EU industry faces due to the lack of EU harmonisation?
How valuable is the Single Market for consumers and how can the EU guarantee it remains a key asset of the Union?

Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA’s Director General

- Michał Zakrzewski, APPLiA, Smart & Competitiveness Policy Director
- Chiara Giovannini, ANEC Senior Manager Policy & Innovation
- Claudia Martinez Felix, DG GROW, Deputy Head of Unit
- Andreea Gulacsi, CEN-CENELEC, Director Governance & Partnership
- Radek Maly, DG GROW, Standards for Europe, Head of Unit
- Alexander Eisenberg, BSH, Head of Office EU Technical Market Access


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