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How the Automotive Industry is Revolutionizing Sales with Remote Conferencing Interactions
Brands are facing unprecedented challenges as they gallop towards digital transformation. Brick and mortar shops are closing left and right while operations are increasingly shifting to remote ways of working. Today’s customers are more reliant on digital communication channels than ever before and expect a personalized, highly engaging experience across every channel they meet the brand.

Digital transformation is now one of the most critical factors to ensure long-term business success. How are leading global brands leveraging their remote sales and scaling their digital channels? What is the long-term strategy to operationalize this shift?

Consolto’s advanced conversational video chat platform integrates cutting-edge customer experience capabilities that drive automotive brands to extend cohesive, consistent and personalized services at every customer touchpoint.

Join us as together Consolto and a select group of thought-leading peers for a virtual webinar exploring how Consolto helps organize, simplify and boost remote interactions between car dealerships and customers. You’ll learn how to maximize efficiency and leverage your remote sales and operational excellence.

We will discuss:
- How do car dealers maximize efficiency and leverage operational excellence in today’s new era of remote interaction, from the first touchpoint all the way to vehicle registration?
- What is the long-term strategy for automotive brands to leverage operational excellence and efficiency?
- How are global automotive leading brands leveraging their remote sales and scaling their digital channels?


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