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Financial Aid 101
In partnership with the American College Planning Foundation, you will learn the following:
* The Importance of Completing the FAFSA, Regardless of How Much Money You Make!!!!
• The Recent Changes in Financial Aid and the FAFSA
• How the Rules have Changed In Favor of Small Business Owners!
• Critical Information You Haven’t Heard About Financial Aid and How the Process Really Works!
• How Your Family’s EFC (Expected Family Contribution) / SAI (Student Aid Index) is Calculated and if it can be Lowered
• How to Properly Complete the New FAFSA and Avoid Common Mistakes that Cost You Money!!!
• How to Handle Unique Situations (Divorce, Guardianship, etc.)
• The “Nuts and Bolts” of Need and Merit-Based Financial Aid
• Powerful Cash Flow Secrets that Can Make Paying for College Painless!!!
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