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The Elk Ridge Community in the Mimbres Pueblo World free presentation by archaeologist Barbara J. Roth, PhD
Elk Ridge was the largest pueblo in the northern portion of the Mimbres River valley during the Classic Mimbres period (1000-1130 CE). Recent excavations at the site combined with survey data indicate that it was part of a thriving community with social ties to other nearby pueblos and likely served as the ritual and perhaps economic hub for these smaller pueblos. In this presentation, Dr. Roth will discuss data from fieldwork she directed at Elk Ridge and surrounding sites and will explore how and why Elk Ridge played such a prominent role in this portion of the Mimbres River Valley.

May 19, 2022 07:00 PM in Arizona

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Barbara J. Roth, PhD
Professor @Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dr. Barbara Roth specializes in the study of precontact cultures in the southwestern US. Her main areas of interest include the transition from hunting and gathering to farming, the social changes (household organization, gender roles) that result as groups become more sedentary and agriculturally dependent, and community development in the Mimbres Mogollon region of southwestern New Mexico. She has directed excavations at several Pithouse period sites in the Mimbres region and more recently worked at the Elk Ridge site, a large Mimbres Classic period pueblo located in the Mimbres River valley.