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The EC Cyber Extravaganza Event Education - The Art of Manscaping presented by NaturaverdePro
During this full body male waxing class, presented by NaturaverdePro expert educator Elise Agostinelli, you will learn how to curate your waxing services for your male clients and elevate your confidence to create more revenue from male clients. Even if you don’t have a large male clientele, the basic techniques in this class would apply to all clients.

-Learn how to select the proper NaturaverdePro wax for each client’s hair and skin type to ensure thorough hair removal with noticeably less discomfort.
-Proper formula selection of either soft and hard wax for each waxing scenario.
-Application and removal techniques to maximize client comfort.
-Ingredient information for each wax formula.
-Pre- and post-wax techniques and topics specific to male waxing services.


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