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How to Recognize and Deal with Church Bullies
Leader - David Woolverton

Have you ever wanted to be a David to someone else’s Goliath? What if you could deal with church bullies without ever slinging a stone? You can!

In the church, bullies can look spiritual. They also may be serving a very unique function in the life of the congregation. In many churches, there are individuals or groups who pose a rather unique challenge to the multiplying movement of God’s mission. While some of those persons are simply reacting with anxiety to changes implemented by leaders, others may have a more defined plan to sabotage any idea that does not originate with them. Still others may have an even more sinister plot in mind to undermine anything that is holy and mission-focused. At any given time, but especially during seasons of transition, those persons or groups will exert their influence in order to challenge or thwart what God is birthing in the congregation. And they will use any tactics necessary to accomplish their goals.

Sharing insights from over thirty-four years of full-time pastoral ministry, as well as content from his newly released book, Mission Rift: Leading through Church Conflict, Dr. Woolverton will explore how to recognize, assess, and respond to church “bullies” and the closed power systems that they represent.

David E. Woolverton has been a pastor for over 34 years -- serving churches facing turn-around ministry situations. He has a doctorate in Conflict Leadership and has had intensive clinical training in hospital chaplaincy. He is an affiliate professor at both Evangelical Theological Seminary, Myerstown, PA and Kairos University, Sioux Falls, SD. David is a sought-after workshop leader and church consultant in conflict leadership and transitions.


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