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Cybersecurity is not only a struggle between technologies and humans, but is a struggle between attackers and defenders. Cyber attacks are best understood not as an end in theirselves, but as a potentially powerful means to a wide variety of political, military, and economic goals.

There have been a number of high-profile incidents in recent months, and FireEye Mandiant has again been on the front lines, taking a lead in helping organizations respond to today’s cyber security challenges. These incidents like Pulse Secure, Kaseya, and SonicWall breaches; recent UNC2452 and REvil activity; and threats to hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry impacted some of the biggest organizations in technology, financial services, defence and government, leading executives to question whether their environment fell victim.

Join us in an interactive roundtable with John Hultquist, Vice President, Mandiant Threat Intelligence Analysis for FireEye, and David Grout, CTO, EMEA, FireEye as they take a close look at the threat groups behind this and other recent cyber attacks, the implications these events have had on the broader cybersecurity industry, and most importantly, what organizations should do to detect and respond to these sorts of attacks going forward.

Sep 23, 2021 05:00 PM in Paris

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