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FOMO - Fear of Missing the Office
We’ve been speaking to attorneys and law firms since the start of the pandemic when work from anywhere was top of mind as we all shifted to remote work. Now we’re seeing legal professionals navigate the latest evolution of WFA: Work THE SAME from Anywhere.

Frankly, things were easier when everyone was just remote, or in the office. Hybrid operations are causing FOMO: Fear of the Missing the Office. CEO Bill Bice and Co-Founder Rick Hellers are joined by legal technology leader Michael Kraft of Kraft Kennedy to untangle the hairy aspects of navigating flexible operations. In this webinar you will:

- Hear from legal technology experts on the evolution of work from anywhere and what’s coming next for legal
- Insider perspectives on challenges firms are facing internally with the return to the office
- Get insights on how to optimize core workflows to enable better hybrid operations
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