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للأهل دور أيضا
خلال هذه الجلسة سنتعرف على دور الأهل مع بداية العام الدراسي الجديد وسنكتشف كيف يساهم الأهالي بالتعاون مع المعلم ببناء وتطويرشخصية المتعلم

Aug 14, 2021 10:15 AM in Dubai

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Hiba Mostafa EL-Sheikh
My name is Hiba Mostafa EL-Sheikh. Education is mainly my field of expertise is mainly. This has been true for the past 17 years! I collaborated with diverse institutions in planning and preparing curricula for various subject areas. I taught English Courses for university students. Consequently, I took part of the training program that took place at BAU and I became a certified Speaking Examiner (FCE) for Cambridge University. I have written a number of books for preschoolers and I have also cooperated with publishing houses to translate children’s books into French, English, and Arabic languages. From the start, I have realized the important role that educators play in the life of their learners; it is not about the academics. It is about the emotional, psychological, and physical states of every student. Helping them become independent, autonomous, and self-confident are always on top of my to-do list.