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It's Kool for 2022! Blocks
Hands on STEM exploration has never been more important and blocks deliver: geometry, volumes, construction, the basics of physics and engineering and artistic expression in 3 dimensions.

Join us to explore new additions for your block and construction learning area – curved, notched, cylinders, figurines and vehicles; Polydron, UHL, Plus Plus and Octoplay; wood, magnetic, and sustainable plastic alternatives.

Plus request the certificate of completion and you’ll enter a draw for our prize pack of outdoor play resources.


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Bogdan Pospielovsky
Director of Marketing @Louise Kool and Galt
Bogdan has been working with educators for almost 25 years including marketing, training, system implementation, product development and curriculum localization. A teacher by training, he taught in Ontario, Moscow, and Chicago before being drawn to technology and curricula for students with special needs. Since 2016 he’s been Director of Marketing for Louise Kool & Galt and Bridges. He has spoken and presented at conferences across Canada and in the US and has written articles for several Canadian and US publications. When not blogging for LKG and Bridges he can be found in the block area of LKG’s showroom building his dream ski hill/moon colony/dance palace.
Iain Wallace
Sales Manager @Louise Kool and Galt
Iain started his career in education over 20 years ago, working in a school for students with special needs. He has worked in many capacities, and over the last 6 years held the position of National Sales Manager for Louise Kool & Galt and Bridges. He has presented and been an exhibitor at domestic and international conferences and loves any opportunity to talk with people about the products and services we represent. As a father of two young boys, he stays very active in his spare time working to tire them out and enlists them as quality testers for any new products we bring in.