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xGen NGS Amplicon Sequencing
Amplicon sequencing is a method that targets distinct regions of a genome for sequencing. The method uses highly multiplexed pairs of primers that flank the desired regions of the genome. The use of primer pairs for targeted regions provides the ability to adjust the length of each amplicon for the specific sequencing instrument. In addition, the primers can be adjusted to avoid areas of the genome with high GC base pairs or secondary structures. The method is best used for understanding genetic variation, which makes it amenable to agricultural, environmental, and medical research applications.

People who are interested in targeted enrichment based on amplicon panels in combination with our simplified and fast Normalization module.

We will go through the benefits and drawbacks of using an amplicon target enrichment and point out which applications will benefit the most from this approach.


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Christos Coucoravas, PhD
Field Application Scientist @Integrated DNA Technologies
Christos is part of the European Team of IDTs Field Application Scientist, supporting customers with their technical queries. He has a PhD on Molecular Oncology from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Christos has extensive experience with clinical diagnostics based on NGS.