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Covid Coercion and Fraud
How can we reconcile the CDC’s reassuring message with the grim statistics from VAERS and the insurance industry? Is the CDC ignorant of the facts -- or are they and others hiding the truth? Has there been fraud?

Our panel of experts will discuss their findings of alleged fraud, for example, in the design and implementation of vaccine trials, in the suppression of life-saving early treatment protocols, in the way that Covid-related deaths have been over-reported, in the way that vaccine-related deaths have been underreported, in the stamping out of evidence that Covid was leaked from a Wuhan lab, in the way that evidence of vaccine injuries has been swept under the rug, and in rampant conflicts of interest in our regulatory bodies, raising the specter of regulatory capture.

Was fraud used to induce, or even to coerce, individuals to submit to the injections via vaccine mandates? Lawsuits alleging injection-related fraud abound. If Covid injection manufacturers are convicted of fraud, the immunity they currently enjoy from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths would evaporate.

Join our panelists – including doctors, lawyers, whistleblowers, analysts and the injection-injured – as we discuss: "Covid Coercion and Fraud." SEE Guest Bios and more at StopVaxPassports.org.

Sep 28, 2022 04:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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