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Canada Business Talks - Up-close & personal interaction with Chau Lui, co-owner of Paris Jewellers
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn what it truly takes to be a RESILIENT ENTREPRENEUR with Chau Lui, co-owner of Paris Jewellers

Take your business to the next level by connecting with Canadian Business Leaders through the Canada Business Talks series,  in association with our exclusive banking partner RBC, gold sponsor Ricoh and UPS and silver sponsor Nerds On-Site.

What small business owners will learn;

1) Entrepreneurship during challenging times
2) Making your business resilient for the pandemic and beyond
3) Practical strategies to manage your small business

Canada Business Talks is for the people who keep the vision to alter the business world, and individuals handling small business firms have an impetus. We are talking about business apprentices, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and people looking for proficient guidance and recommendations for running an efficient syndicate.

Chau (and her sister Trang) have experienced racism at many points throughout their lives but most recently with hate messages on their social media claiming that Chau and Trang are "not really Canadian." Out of fear, they never wanted to share photos of themselves or their story since they didn't know if people would continue to buy from them because they are Vietnamese. She has realized the impact, strength and change that happens by sharing their story. Chau never wants her two daughters to face the challenges she experienced growing up, especially as a woman of colour.

Moderator: Shiraz Siddique, Consulting editor, Founder of Leverage Consulting
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