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Enabling Circular Economy Initiatives in North America to Match State and Federal Regulatory Compliance
Circular economy in North America is building momentum. The Biden administration have set out their environmental agenda and re-joined the Paris Climate Agreement. Trudeau’s administration continues to push for more stringent adherence to climate goals. Consequently, the foam and adhesives supply chains will need to look at methods of curbing their carbon emissions. One way to tackle this challenge is the implementation of circular economy initiatives. While this can seem challenging to the end user or material manufacturer due to the range of options available to them. Different materials, products and structures have specific requirements for end-of-life processing and its essential this is understood before progress can be made. Circular economy does not just begin at end-of-life but can also be implemented during the design phase. By taking a holistic approach to product design it is possible to pre-empt additional cost later on. This webinar will explore how best to approach circular economy and what to expect on a regulatory level.

Points to be discussed:
· Understanding the implications of using recycled and recyclable materials in product design and development
· Outlining the requirements of the end user for recycled goods and making sure products can be traced back to source
· Learning how best to logistically organize recycled product as well as determining the value of non-virgin materials

Discussion Leader:
· Jason Robinson, CEO, Evoco Ltd.

Confirmed Speakers:
· Emily Williams, Innovation & Sustainability Partnerships Leader, Transcontinental Packaging
· Prapti S. Muhuri Manager, Plastics Sustainability, American Chemistry Council
· Jan Henke, Director, ISCC

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