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Node.js Backend Master Class with Matteo Collina (1 hour)
Have you ever struggled with designing and structuring your Node.js applications? Building applications that are well organised, testable and extendable is not always easy. It can often turn out to be a lot more complicated than you expect it to be.

Join us for a free Node.js Backend Master Class with Matteo Collina, Co-Founder and CTO of Platformatic. In this live event Matteo will show you how he builds Node.js applications with Platformatic and Fastify, from scratch. You’ll learn how he approaches application design, and the philosophies that he applies to create modular, maintainable and effective applications.

During the event you’ll have the opportunity to ask Matteo your questions about Node.js application design. You’ll learn practical techniques that you can apply yourself to build better applications.


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Matteo Collina
Co-Founder and CTO @Platformatic
Simon Plenderleith
Developer Advocate @Platformatic