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Analytic Maturity, Approaches to Equity Data, and Your Role as a Higher Education Practitioner
As Canadian institutions begin to confront the myriad challenges of the past two years it is vital that we begin to grapple with the cultivation, storage, and use of new approaches to and forms of data. Simultaneously, given the rapid state of change both in terms of who we enroll and the larger societal forces at play in terms of recognition and support of historically marginalized populations, the time to act is also now to help advance the missions and outcomes of our institutions.
During our 90 minutes together, this session provides an overview of how institutional leaders might engage in the challenging work of simultaneously maturing their analytic landscapes while also laying a strong foundation to grow capacity around equity and inclusion. Attendees will gain an understanding of the interplay between access, equity, and diversity as well starting points for equity-data based conversations. Attendees will also learn about a theoretical model to support higher education analytic literacy, new tools to help promote individual analytic literacy, and resources to demystify data governance, advanced analytic approaches, and the key first steps to elevate equity-based analytics.
À l’heure où les établissements canadiens commencent à faire le point sur l’ensemble des changements survenus au cours des deux dernières années, il est indispensable qu’ils se familiarisent avec la culture, l’entreposage et l’emploi des nouvelles approches en matière de données et les nouvelles formes que peuvent prendre les données. Au même moment, vu les changements rapides qui se produisent dans la composition de notre nouveau corps étudiant et dans les forces sociétales en jeu en ce qui concerne le soutien apporté aux populations autrefois marginalisées, le temps est venu d’agir pour faire progresser la mission et les résultats de nos établissements.
Pendant les 90 minutes que durera cette activité, nous discuterons de la façon dont les dirigeants d’établissements peuvent abor


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