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DigitalCFO Webinar - What You Need from a Modern Day Financial Consolidation Solution
The present unpredictable and ever-changing corporate environment necessitates a reshaping of traditional financial consolidation procedures. Aside from the necessity for automated financial consolidation procedures to reduce mistakes and inaccuracies, there is a growing emphasis on organizations reshape their financial consolidation process and outcome to support economic decision-making.

Organizations may now use artificial intelligence, self-service capabilities, and real-time data to transform financial consolidation procedures into economic development accelerators.

Join DigitalCFO and Board Asia Pacific for this financial consolidation webinar as we look at how organizations may grow and move away from fragmented financial consolidation process to the future of finance being the accelerator of growth.

What you can learn:

• Why organisations should perform consolidation at individual business units level, instead of traditional entity level consolidation

• How organisations can adopt a holistic approach & predictive analytics for decision-making based on true single economic entity

• How organisations can overcome the challenges of remote working and move towards a collaborative approach in their financial consolidation process

• How a modern financial consolidation process can enable finance functions to be growth accelerators.


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