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All You Need To Know: Building A Truly Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Strategy With Kubernetes
In today’s world, the fast is eating the slow. As a result, enterprises are deploying modern apps like AI, personalisation and fraud detection to offer better results faster to their customers.

Unfortunately, IT leaders often struggle with deploying these modern apps and spend more time firefighting than innovating. Portworx is on a mission to change that.

Traditional apps are centrally managed and operated by skilled human administrators. On the other hand, modern apps are distributed, leverage automation and technologies like Kontainers & Kubernetes that allow rapid change and agility. Unfortunately, huge data growth, rapid deployment and global deployment of these modern apps are straining storage and data management systems designed for a more static world. This causes missed deadlines, poor user experience and strained resources.

Portworx was built from the ground up for modern apps that run on Kubernetes. So stop firefighting and focus on innovation with Portworx by Pure Storage.

Join Joe Gardiner, Head of Cloud Architecture, EMEA from Pure Storage, to find out:
- What and why organisations are building with Kubernetes
- How Portworx is helping businesses run mission-critical applications in containers
- How with Portworx, you can accelerate your digital transformation by easily running any cloud-native data service, in any cloud, using any Kubernetes platform with built-in high availability, data protection, data security & hybrid cloud mobility


Joe will also be joined by Neill Smith, Head of IT Infrastructure, Scottish Government, to hear why the Scottish Government decided to use Portworx, the benefits they are seeing and what their initiatives were to support it.


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