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The Truth about the medicinal power of sunlight and all forms of light and how to utilize it daily to support your body and to facilitate healing in the most effective way.
How your body interacts with all kinds of light even if you are unaware of it and what that does in the body. Explanation of appropriate responses to different types of light and how to utilize them to benefit you. Hidden sources of light and how it impacts your hormones and other parts of your physiology. The impact of artificial light and how to use it, minimize or eliminate it. General information that you need to know about your eyes, skin, diet and products with regards to both sunlight, artificial and indoor light. The danger of sunscreen and how to protect your skin. Simple ways to incorporate and modify light at all times of the day. The impact of sunlight in different seasons and weather patterns. How to utilize sunlight with simple action steps that you can implement immediately to incorporate light in a beneficial way during all times of the day. The difference in morning, midday and evening light and what impact it has on your body. Where Vitamin D fits, what is actually required to produce it and what really matters. Simple ways to identify what you need and when you’ve had too much. Real stories and examples to enhance understanding from Dr. Huckaby’s practice and from patients that have allowed their stories to be used. Upon purchasing ticket, all attendees will be allowed to submit three questions to be considered for the Q&A portion (no specific treatment/medical advice can be given).
Disclaimer: This is not medical advice or treatment of any disease.
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