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Aha with Amplify - Creating Momentum - The 24 Hour Rule
Is your team organized and disciplined about setting goals and objectives?

Are they organized and disciplined when it comes to planning?

What about engaging in meetings productively? And meeting the goals set of the meeting?

If you're struggling with any of these, this webinar will be beneficial for you and your team!

It’s about corporate strategy and bigger picture stuff, but the tangible ideas can help you as an individual too.

But you know what you're likely still not great at? The 24 hour rule!

- Do you leverage the power of documentation to ensure that you have momentum and action after a great meeting?

- Do you have a strategy or expectation for taking action and follow up?

- Do you use the science of the brain to work smarter?

- Do you recognize that all the process and automation and hiring in the world isn’t going to scale your business if you ditch written documentation?

Here’s the thing, we plan for a great agenda and we prep.
We attend meetings with brilliant brains and get inspired and make decisions. Sometimes we even record the meeting!

And then we rush to the next meeting.

And we say we will get to it. We will follow up.

And a week passes.
And another.

And all of a sudden we forget a little. It’s less impactful.

And the opportunity is lost.

To be replaced by another. Which likely has even less follow through.

And then we hit up the strategy meeting and get called out for not meeting our goals or delivering on priorities.

Join us to learn ways to fix it!


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