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BGA’s Push to Modernise Management Education
There is an unprecedented need for management education to reinvent itself to cope with the economic and socio-political challenges that are affecting the globe. Reinvention, however, may require Business Schools to rethink their entire business model.

Central to this webinar will be how education methods and processes can change to accommodate stakeholders, and the role of the Business Graduates Association (BGA) in supporting differentiation and high-impact management education across the world. BGA is the sister brand to the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and part of AMBA & BGA.


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Victor Hedenberg
Business Development Manager @Business Graduates Association (BGA) at AMBA & BGA
Victor Hedenberg is the Business Development Manager for the Business Graduates Association (BGA) at AMBA & BGA, with responsibility for growing the BGA network, improving its membership and accreditation services, and managing BGA-related projects. Victor joined AMBA & BGA in 2016 and has since focused on the AMBA Development Network (ADN), a platform for institutions seeking AMBA accreditation support, as well as informing the development of the current BGA service and accreditation offering, together with the AMBA & BGA accreditation team. Victor is a Swedish national educated at Hillsdale College in the US. He holds a degree in economics and business administration