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CRISPR Processes Patents in Green Biotechnology: the Benefits of Patent Pools and Clearing Houses
Presented by Dr Agnes Ricroch. The patent landscape for New Genomic Techniques including CRISPR is complex with many players holding patents and uncertainty as regards the intellectual property (IP) situation. Despite this legal uncertainty, the licensing landscape is developing rapidly with licensing agreements, some exclusive, some non-exclusive, on a diversity of CRISPR technologies and applications in agriculture. However, commercial deployments are complicated by the lack of patent clarity on CRISPR. The proliferation of such patents might result in a ‘patent thicket’ which leads to economic and welfare losses due to the slowing down of technological progress in the development of solutions. The current CRISPR patent landscape presents a variety of barriers to research, innovation and profit. In order to overcome the difficulties created by the overall presence of patents, patent pools and clearing houses are the two alternative licensing models attracting most interest. The aim of this webinar is to examine the potential use of IP of these licensing platforms to mitigate some of these roadblocks. Indeed, collaborative licensing models such as patent pools and clearing houses that can lead to a one-stop licensing point for CRISPR patents may play a significant role in facilitating access to patents and untangling the patent thicket. They can provide access to fundamental IP, freedom to operate, reduced litigation risk and cost of licensing, and predictability in the business planning process.

Sep 15, 2022 04:00 PM in Brussels

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