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Full Arch Possibilities
There are many ways to produce Full Arch works. Which material is best suited for which indication and how to achieve aesthetic results through a smart combination of analog and digital - Luka Melik will tell in his Experts Roundtable on 07.12.2022. at 3 pm (CET). Secure your seat today!

Learn on what to look for in the design process, the dangers of post-processing, and how to flesh out the restoration to bring it to life. Along the way, Melik will show application examples such as: Zirconia telescopic crowns with BioHPP secondary framework with novo.lign veneers and red esthetics. Look forward to an interesting and informative lecture with numerous tips and tricks to take your work to the next level. Find out all that and more at the new Experts Roundtable. Write your registration today!
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