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Coffee Conversations - IRE, What to Expect at IRE 2022
Starting the year off right, RoofersCoffeeShop’s Coffee Conversations invites the thought leaders around the IRE Community Day to share what is happening and how roofing professionals can be involved.  As the IRE Keynote Speaker, Reid Ribble, NRCA CEO joins the panel to share his excitement for what the IRE team and the roofing community are going to do for New Orleans the first week of February.  Each year the International Roofing Expo partners with Rebuilding Together to make critical home repairs for those in need. Brandi McElhaney with IRE, William Stoudt with Rebuilding Together and Bill Bellico with Sika join Ribble to share how everyone can help us revitalize New Orleans and give back to the local community by participating in the 13th Annual Community Service Day Project.  Join us for this amazing insight to the 2022 IRE Community day.
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