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The Software-Defined Vehicle: Key Drivers, Technologies, and Open Source Initiatives
Automobile manufacturers are competing on the next-gen vehicle, which is becoming increasingly loaded with technology plus surrounding digital customer experiences. This crystallizes itself in four distinct digital vehicle trends: autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared vehicles (ACES). Over-the-air updates continuously enhance and improve vehicles that have already left the factory. New use cases and intelligent behavior are enabled by vehicle-to-everything (V2x) communication. Linux, containers, and other state-of-the-art cloud-driven technologies are gaining traction in the automotive industry due to open source’s success. In the trend towards the Software-Defined Vehicle, solutions are developed reaching from the vehicle to the cloud with an integrated DevOps approach. Software, data, hybrid cloud architecture, edge computing, and artificial intelligence are key competencies to fulfill the ACES requirements. This webinar will present an overview of essential drivers, edge technologies, initiatives and share our perspective of the Software-Defined Vehicle.


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