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Combatting cybercriminals banking on financial vulnerabilities
GISEC.virtual is taking cybersecurity conversations to the next level – with a two hour virtual conference track packed with extraordinary insights for the Banking & Financial industry.

From the world-famous hacker Bryan Seely who wiretapped the FBI to a legendary line-up of CISOs and cybersecurity experts, you’ll be sharing screen space and hearing from some incredible personalities.

Keynote Address by Bryan Seely: Cybersecurity Attacks up 300% and how you can protect your company during the chaos

INTERVIEW: How to leverage Quantum Cryptography capabilities/powers to solve today's cyber security problem?
-- Sunil Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, QuNu Labs

Keynote: What has changed in the cybercriminal ecosystem?
-- Jens Christian Hoy Monrad, Head of Mandiant Threat Intelligence, EMEA, FireEye

Panel 1: A day in the life of a CISO
-- Jelena Matone, CISO, European Investment Bank (EIB), Luxembourg
-- Majed Alshodari, CISO, Allied Cooperative Insurance Group, Saudi Arabia
-- Dr Erdal Ozkaya, Regional CISO, Standard Chartered Bank, UAE
-- John Salomon, Director – MEA, FS-ISAC, Spain

Panel 2: HORROR STORIES: Recent breaches in the financial sector
-- Viktor Polic, CISO, International Labour Organization, Switzerland
-- Mohammed Hammad, Head - IS, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB), Bahrain
-- Viktor Polic, CISO, International Labour Organization (Switzerland)
-- Nathan Swain, Veteran Cyber Resilience Specialist & ethical hacker


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