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ICIQ Seminar Programme - Dr. Helmut Buschmann - AiCuris AG (Germany)
Contrary to common assumption, the major challenges for industry–academia collaboration in drug discovery are not caused by misalignment of priorities or cultural differences. Rather, it is the practical issues of resource constraints, legal and administrative process complexity, and coordination that are the main barriers for such collaborations.

Beside the bureaucratic barriers, several collaborations and research projects have been started. Since many years the experts and technology platforms of ICIQ are contributing significantly to AiCuris’ research and development programs to discover novel anti-infective drugs.

The ability of antibiotics to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria has revolutionized medicine industry and world. However, the improper use of antibiotics has also resulted in an alarming dispersal of multiple-antibiotic resistant bacteria in the clinical as well as agricultural setup. There have been identified a number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in clinical and veterinary settings. [...]

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Dec 10, 2021 12:00 PM in Madrid

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