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Widgit Online: Quick and Easy Visuals for Childcare Settings
For over a year the team from Centennial College Child Care, Progress Campus have been creating hundreds of engaging visuals, quickly and easily with Widgit Online: schedules, vocabulary labels, name tags and more.

Mark Rocamora (educator) returns to update us on how their centre in Centennial College is using Widgit’s dual language tools to reflect and connect with their multi-cultural community. He'll share single and dual language activity resources and engaging invitations that they’ve developed.

Using clear consistent visual materials is good practice that is mandated in childcare centres in many jurisdictions across the country.

Join us as Mark shares how visuals created with Widgit Online can fit into an early year's context and reflect on the impact of this implementation on the children, their parents, and staff.


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Mark Rocamora
ECE @Centennial College Progress Childcare
A full-Time Early Childhood Educator at Centennial College Progress Childcare for almost 15 years. He has been supporting ECE students since September 2013. His personal philosophy of teaching and learning is that children cannot be categorized, and each child’s uniqueness and diverse differences must be fostered. He believes that the warm environment of acceptance and encouragement that Progress Childcare strives to create can make a real difference in a child’s life.
Christy McDonald
AT and Curriculum Specialist @Bridges Canada