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Engaging the Data Driven Edge
The Data Drive Edge is a concept on what defines an IT Edge device or architecture. Research and practical implementation have shown there are several definitions of the EDGE. Many aspects in the IT world today cause this edge question to be defined by segments of IT merging with business demands. The predominant driver in making an Edge definition or decision is the placement of data closer to the person or device (EDGE).

Aerospike customers, software/technical engineers, consultants, and business leaders have given use value input as we have helped them define the edge. These forces all have a common thread, how close to the edge can they place enough data to make a quantitate decision. In the past, an edge device was just a data-gathering device that passed the data to the core system engine and can still be in some cases. Today we are seeing the edge device evolving into a decisioning device. The ability to place and refresh large amounts of data in these edge devices has now given the ability to process the AI Algorithms and Applications at the data ingest point. This ability creates real-time decisioning in microseconds.

In this webinar, Aerospike will discuss how to position data and even TBs of information at the edge to give AI and Applications the ability to make real-time decisions in microseconds. This ability in data architecture provides a new core to edge business decisioning.


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