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Stone Road Alvar Nature Reserve Controlled Burn © Robert Tymstra
Pelee Island Conservation and Research
Join Smera Sukumar, Ontario Nature’s Conservation Science and Stewardship Director, as she shares findings from a prescribed burn project that began in 2018 to restore open alvar habitat on our Stone Road Alvar Nature Reserve, located on Pelee Island. Over the past four years, researchers have monitored various species at risk on lands owned by Ontario Nature, Nature Conservancy of Canada and Essex Region Conservation Authority to determine the effects of the prescribed burn on species at risk.

Presenters from the Nature Conservancy of Canada, University of Toronto Scarborough, Natural Resources Solutions Inc, 8 Trees Inc., University of Rennes 1, France, and Trent University will speak to their conservation projects and research across the island to improve and create habitat for species at risk snakes, gastropods, salamanders, and bees. A feature presentation from Ryan Wolfe, a Field Biologist at Natural Resources Solutions Inc. who completed his Masters degree research on Blue Racers on Pelee, will focus on an updated population estimate for this snake species, sharing trends on abundance over a twenty year period.

This project was undertaken with the financial support of Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Government of Ontario. This webinar was made possible thanks to support from the Government of Ontario.


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Jill Crosthwaite
@Nature Conservancy of Canada
Ryan Wolfe
Field Biologist @Nature Resources Solutions Inc.
Jennifer McCarter
Terrestrial and Wetland Biologist @Nature Resources Solutions Inc.
Scott MacIvor
Assistant Professor @University of Toronto-Scarborough
Anne Yagi
President @8Trees Inc.
Thomas Hossie
Assistant Professor @Trent University
Thomas Burgess
Undergraduate Student @Trent University
Annegret Nicolai
Researcher @University of Rennes 1, France
Smera Sukumar - Host and Presenter
Conservation Science and Stewardship Director @Ontario Nature
Smera Sukumar is the Conservation Science and Stewardship Director at Ontario Nature. She oversees the Nature Reserves and Conservation Science programs. She works with volunteer stewards, adjacent landowners, and conservation partners to carry out habitat restoration projects on nature reserves across Southern Ontario.