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Webinar: New wave and turbulence modelling features in MIKE 21/3 release 2022
Accurate flow and wave modelling is an essential component in offshore, coastal and port engineering, particularly for wave load and scour assessments. However, as with any numerical model, proper calibration can be time consuming. Modelling complex flow phenomena, such as scour development, requires very good flow descriptions at the interface between water and the structure itself.

Therefore, as part of MIKE 2022, considerable improvements have been made to the phase averaged wave model MIKE 21 Spectral Wave (SW) Flexible Mesh (FM), the phase-resolved wave model MIKE 3 Wave FM and MIKE 3 Flow Model FM to boost accuracy and efficiency. MIKE 21 SW users will benefit from improved calibration, new source term parametrisation and additional output options for more comprehensive results analyses. MIKE 3 Wave FM and MIKE 3 Flow Model FM users can now accurately predict vortex shedding and calculate scour around structures using a new k-Omega turbulence model.

Register for this 60-minute webinar for a live demonstration of these new features. Gain insight into:

• MIKE 21 SW source terms, calibration parameters and additional output options
• MIKE 3 Wave FM and MIKE 3 Flow Model FM turbulence modelling
• MIKE 3 Flow Model FM ground source heating to model heat exchange
• Scour assessment around marine structures

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Stefan Leschka
PhD Coastal Engineering, MSc Computational Sciences in Engineering, Dipl.-Ing. Civil Engineering, TU Braunschweig (GER) @DHI A/S
As Global Marine Product Specialist, Stefan is responsible for technical support, training and product presentation. He is also a Chief Coastal and Port Engineer with profound worldwide experience in offshore wind, coastal and port projects involving 2D and 3D modelling of fluid-structure interaction, floating objects, tsunami modelling and sediment transport.