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Remote Work With NVIDIA
The last one year has seen the world change the way it works, with employees having shifted from working in an office, to working partially or entirely from home. This poses challenges in two key areas: managing heavy & complex workloads remotely as well as collaboration between teams. Virtualization is the answer to deploying and managing an environment suited for this mode of work. However, people still need the performance they had relied on in the office, lab, and classroom, to manage complex workloads like interactive professional graphics, data analytics, machine learning, and AI. Businesses need to adopt virtualization technologies designed for this new normal.

NVIDIA’s remote work & virtual graphics solutions brings creators, business professionals, and students the same high-performance technology and software they rely on in the office, delivering the power and performance to meet every need, while ensuring sensitive data is kept safe. While virtual desktop infrastructure was once considered a low-quality option, the virtualization of NVIDIA GPUs has made remote workstation and server-class performance a reality for even the most graphics and compute intensive workloads.

Each industry has distinctive demands and challenges, and remote work can make a tremendous difference for both users and administrators. Having the right tools that offer the best user experience from anywhere can boost productivity, minimize risk, and offer new opportunities for growth.

In this webinar we will discuss the Future of Work & Remote Working using graphics virtualization and related technologies.

Join us for tips on infrastructure, future technologies, collaborative platforms and more.

Key Discussion Points:

1.Learn how industry leaders in IT Services, Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, etc. are enabling remote teams to ensure collaboration, productivity and business output remain high.
2.How to deliver a better user experience
3.New tools for collaboration


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