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Estate of Pawson v. Q Bar - Fatal Car Crash - Nicholas Cronauer
During the early morning on June 28, 2015, Simmons was operating a 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt. Simmons’ blood alcohol concentration was .209 g/100mL, nearly three times the legal limit. With the decedent in the vehicle with him, Simmons lost control, left the roadway, and hit a tree. The results were horrific.

Both Simmons and the decedent were pronounced dead at the scene. Prior to their death Simmons and the decedent were at Q-Bar, a tavern operated by the Defendants in Plano, Illinois. Both Simmons and the decedent worked at Q-Bar, and had been working on the night before, clocking out near midnight, prior to the early morning crash on June 27, 2015. After Simmons and the decedent ended their shifts at Q-Bar, they left to go to a nearby tavern, Hard Daze, where they consumed alcohol, and the amount consumed is documented by the coroner. They then returned to Q-Bar to help their co-workers close down; per local ordinance, Q-Bar closed at 2:00am. Upon their return to Q-Bar, they continued to consume alcohol, including after the establishment was closed. Simmons and the decedent stayed at Q-Bar until approximately 3:45am. There time at the bar is well documented by Q Bar surveillance footage, which had management stepping over the driver laying down in a door way 11 minutes before he was allowed to drive off with the decedent.

Prior to Simmons and the decedent leaving, another person present that evening, Summer Holt, attempted to talk the decedent into riding with her. Holt even went so far as to follow Simmons’ vehicle home from the bar, eventually losing sight of it, presumably when it left the road. The Coroner testified death upon impact and before the fire. Summer Holt later described in a Facebook message to the Plaintiff...

Oct 12, 2022 10:30 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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