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Staying ahead of the game: Adaptable solutions for fast growing businesses
This Friday 26 February at 10am (Sydney, Melbourne), 9:30am (Adelaide), 9am (Brisbane), 7am (Perth)
Amidst constant changes in the business landscape and rapidly-evolving technology with an astounding range of alternatives now available, how does a business owner take advantage of new opportunities and avoid the numerous risks?

Transformation and upscaling are the name of the game for countless entrepreneurs and managers, but the technology they choose can be instrumental in determining success while keeping clear of cluttered, overlapping products that reduce efficiency and control.

To help business leaders reach their potential, Business News Australia will be hosting a webinar in partnership with Oracle NetSuite, titled: "Staying ahead of the game: Adaptable solutions for fast-growing businesses".

The webinar will feature two guest speakers who have implemented forward-thinking technology solutions to reshape their family companies for the better – Jordan Prainito of Canningvale and Christophe Verstreken of Belgian Delights.

Join us at this webinar to learn from these business leaders’ experience, and how tailoring a software and technological solution for your company can make all the difference for future growth.


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