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The Ukraine Crisis & African Economies: Launching AKADEMIYA2063's Ukraine Crisis Portal
Session I: "The Ukraine Crisis and African Economies: Impacts and Policy Implications”

From rising fuel and food prices to inflation and supply chain disruptions, the Russia-Ukraine war has taken its toll on Africa's economies and food systems, with varying implications for rural and urban populations across various commodity sectors.

The intensification of the Ukraine-Russia conflict in February 2022 has disrupted the global supply chains of agricultural and food commodities, which had only just started recovering from COVID-19-induced shocks.

With Russia and Ukraine as major global players in several agricultural and food markets, what are the impacts of the conflict on African economies? How has the Russia-Ukraine crisis affected the food and commodity supply chain? What are the ramifications for food security, equity, growth, employment, and poverty?

Session I of the AKADEMIYA2063 Ukraine Crisis Webinar Series will delve into the key findings from AKADEMIYA2063's analysis of the impact of the Ukraine war on African economies. It will cover the effects of global market disruptions on country terms of trade, the resulting implications for economic growth and employment, and poverty and food security effects.

Based on AKADEMIYA2063's Ukraine Brief 12, themed "Impacts on Trade, Growth, Poverty, Food Security, and Employment: Summary of Findings and Policy Implications", the session will address the transmission of global commodity price shocks to domestic markets and the opportunities to expand regional trade in food products in response to the crisis, equally addressing disruptions in the fertilizer sector and the impacts on productivity, agricultural value-added, incomes and food security.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/3UI8qMI.
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Nov 29, 2022 01:00 PM in Reykjavik

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