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Dielectric and Thermal protection for E-mobility and Beyond
Understanding and overcoming the challenges of thermal and dielectric protection
The automotive market is undergoing rapid change. Electric vehicles (EVs) are starting to gain significant market share in the automobile industry in response to rising fuel costs and the need for green transportation. An EV battery must hold a large amount of energy to ensure consumers can drive as fast and as far as they need. However, storing this amount of energy in such a confined space comes with challenges related to dielectric and thermal protection. The industry has discovered that such challenges must be addressed in order to further optimize battery safety, performance, range, and longevity. This webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities related to dielectric and thermal protection materials in EVs and other industry applications.

Points to be discussed:
• Understanding the challenges of dielectric and thermal protection in e-mobility and beyond.
• Discussing the implications for battery safety, performance, range, and longevity.
• Learning how to address those challenges with different materials.

• Discussion leader: Fabian Brockmeyer, PhD, Lab Manager, tesa tape
• Nico Eddelbuettel, Market Segment Manager, tesa tape
• Elliot Sedlecky, Business Development Manager, tesa tape

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