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Are Your Materials Missing the Mark? Selecting the Optimal Thermal Resistance Solution to Meet your Application Requirements
Demands for thermal management solutions are increasing alongside trends such as electrification, demands for increased energy density, and higher performance applications. High performance plastics and advanced ceramic materials both provide excellent properties to cater to this requirement, providing a thermal management solution for existing and emerging technologies. This webinar will provide critical insight in to how these materials can effectively and efficiently solve thermal issues to improve overall performance.

Discussion points:
· Evaluating application specifications and determining the material best suited for the task
· The trade-off of a material’s mechanical property to achieve its thermal characteristics
· Weighing the cost of a potential material against its life expectancy and suitability to the application

Confirmed Speakers:
· Moderator: Brandon Brown, Vice President Of Engineering, C-Therm Technologies Ltd.
· Steve Chernack, Global Technical Manager at Thermal Ceramics
· Shahab Zekriardehani, Ph.D., Technology Manager, Polymers & Nanocomposites, Eaton
· Will Goertzen, Ph.D., Center Engineering Manager, Schlumberger

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