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The Mechanics of a DOT Audit (& practical tips for passing one)
No motor carrier expects to be audited, and most do little to prepare until it’s too late. But simply understanding the process goes a very long way in ensuring a positive outcome, should an audit ever come.

Join transportation attorneys Brandon Wiseman and Jerad Childress as they detail the mechanics of DOT audits and offer practical tips for surviving one. Having assisted hundreds of carriers through audits for over a decade, Brandon and Jerad will also share some of their most memorable “war stories.”

Topics Covered:
• What prompts a DOT audit?
• How does CSA play into this?
• What types of audits does the DOT conduct?
• What documents does the DOT request?
• How does the DOT select its sample?
• What types of violations are investigators looking for?
• What are the consequences of discovered violations?
• What options do carriers have to contest violations?
• What steps should carriers take to prepare for an audit?


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