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Is Drug Screening in 3D Ready for Automation?
3D cell-based assays, including organoids, spheroids and advanced organ-on-chip systems, have grown in popularity in the scientific community. They deliver more biological relevance, allow for mimicking the tissue microenvironment, and enable long-term studies to assess physiological drug effects. Still, their use in larger drug screening programs is rather rare given these advantages over conventional assay protocols.
In this discussion, Dr. Terry Riss from Promega, Dr. Tim Spicer from Scripps Research and Dr. Jan Lichtenberg from InSphero will explore the current state of the art in automated 3D cell-based assays and focus on progress and obstacles on the way to fully automated screening in 3D. Join us for this live interactive event, during which our panelists will address questions and topics, such as:

- What are advantages of moving to phenotypic screens in 3D?
- Fit-for-purpose 1: Choosing right 3D modality (spheroid, organoid, other scaffold-based approaches) and co-culture
- Fit-for-purpose 2: Selecting assays that automate well and deliver consistent results from 3D models, biochemical vs imaging vs omics
- Use cases for automated 3D cell-based assays in the drug R&D process, safety vs discovery
- What are the key hurdles and how do we overcome them?

Sep 21, 2021 04:00 PM in Zurich

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