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Webinar live "Sleep, Eat, Repeat – The power of repetition in the ELT classroom"
Speaker: Alex Warren

Throughout the ages repetition has long been seen as a key component of education, especially language learning – practice makes perfect after all. However, for many students repeating the same thing again and again seems like the most boring thing in the world; while for some teachers it represents the antithesis of what learning a language should be. The question, therefore, is how can we bring these two opposing views together and make repetition not seem like repetition? Using examples from National Geographic Learning’s Life and Perspectives series, in this session we’ll start by briefly exploring why repetition is so important in helping students become more confident, fluent and accurate speakers. We’ll then look at a number of practical classroom ideas of how to take the monotony and boredom out of repeating the same task numerous times in a bid to build spoken proficiency.

Nov 23, 2021 04:00 PM in Rome

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